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Web design

Web design

Putting together a website involves both technical know-how and a certain amount of design skill, but the importance of the latter can sometimes be overestimated. There are lots of people who call themselves ‘web designers’ who aren’t really designers – and I hold my hands up... I’m one of them. If you want a website where eye-catching design is more important than information content, then look elsewhere – I don’t want to waste your time!

However, if you want to get your message across with a clean, simple website that looks equally good in all browsers, is quick to load, easy to navigate and search engine friendly, and puts clarity of information before pointless graphics and animated logos... I’m your man.

What sites have I created?

The site you’re looking at now is a reasonable indication of the sort of thing I can do for you, and I’ve also created a site for a friend who’s a garden designer based in Kent. In 2010 I took over the maintenance of the Leamington and Warwick Musical Society site and, at their request, reworked the existing design to simplify it and remove unnecessary graphical elements.

However, the most complex site I look after (in terms of both size and the array of technical skills involved) is a labour of love. I’ve been a member of Leamington’s Loft Theatre Company for nearly 30 years, and took over their website in the early noughties, since when it’s grown and developed immeasurably. Besides the obvious HTML/CSS (all of which is coded by hand), the site makes extensive use of PHP for dynamic content, and no fewer than four MySQL databases: two supporting bolt-on packages (the room booking system and the online ticket booking) and two which I created from scratch to manage the online archive. I’ve learned more about PHP and MySQL from this ongoing hobby project than from any of my paid work!

What does it cost?

For me to put together a simple site like this one will cost from around £300. If you want photographs included and can supply them, great; if you’d like me to take photographs for you, I’ll happily do so for a modest extra cost. Other graphical elements (icons, logos etc) can be your own, or designed or sourced by me.

Larger sites will cost more, as will sites with dynamic content. I won’t start work until we’ve agreed a price – and, once it’s agreed, I’ll stick to it.

If you already have somewhere to host your site and/or a domain name, no problem. If you haven’t, I can arrange all that for you and add it to your bill; hosting and domain name registration combined will cost around £45 per year.

Think I can help?

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